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​DataInsider Features

DataInsider is the market pioneer that aims to provide an all-in-one solution data platform. Try it out now or contact us for on-premise deployment. 

Data Ingestion


Build your single source of truth by instantly consolidating data from various sources whether it's from local files, databases, CRM, or any services. 


Scalable & High Availability Data Platform with built-in ETL, Schema Management, SQL Editor to help you speedily turn your big data into insights.


With our DataCook, you can build and manage your data pipelines without a single line of code in minutes.  



A modern, self-service BI & Analysis platform that helps you turn petabytes of raw data into actionable insights. 

We offer unlimited drill-downs for any visualizations, and more unique features that could best assist you in exploring your data. 

Self-service BI 



We assist you in tracking your customer behaviors across platforms unified customer profiles, so that you can understand your customer journey, analyze their behaviors and more!


Improve your data security by controlling accessibility with our user-based and attribute-based access control features.

User Access Controls 


​Get Started With Data Insider Now

All-in-one data platform to power your business · 30 days free · No credit card required · Cancel anytime.

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