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Introducing Apache Superset

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

The most integral part of data visualization is making the data accessible and interactive. This is where Apache Superset comes to light, it stands out from other B.I. tools due to its numerous analytical features. One of them is SQL-LAB, an SQL editor with interactive querying, which offers users a simple no-code visualization builder or the cutting-edge SQL IDE.

Table of content

1. What is Apache Superset?

Apache Superset is a cutting-edge, open-source, business intelligence-ready web application. It allows users of various skill levels to easily explore and visualize their data using it, from simple pie charts to highly detailed geographic graphs. It is fast, lightweight, intuitive, and packed with possibilities. It will improve the way the company collects and analyzes data for better strategy development and execution.

2. Features of Superset

Superset offers an incredible variety of features that enable the user to effectively process all facets of data:

  • Organize each graph in your dashboard: Apache Superset's ability to allow for extensive dashboard exploration makes it so interesting. You may simply filter and organize data with Superset while concentrating on each graph or measure.

  • SQL-LAB: The SQL/IDE editor with interactive querying is another highlight of Superset. It offers a simple no-code visualization builder or the cutting-edge SQL IDE to quickly integrate and analyze your data.

  • Scalability: It is a scalable, lightweight data ingestion solution that integrates seamlessly with your current data infrastructure and does not require a separate ingestion layer.

  • Dashboard permissions and control: Superset gives you complete control over security by specifying a list of users, a list of default functionalities, and the ability to see user statistics.

  • Superset supports most SQL databases using Python ORM (SQL Alchemy), allowing users to access MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, MS SQL Server, MariaDB, Sybase, Redshift, and others. Using a simple semantic layer, you may manage how data sources are displayed and handled.

3. Benefits of Superset

  • User-friendly Interface: Superset's interface is simple and easy to use without specific knowledge.

  • Security: The best thing about Superset is that it gives you complete control over who can access your data. It allows you to add users to your database, approve them, and keep tabs on their activity.

  • Interactive Queries:  The query's result can be previewed and saved for further use. Although you cannot run multiple queries at once, each one provides well-organized data that directs your business's policies, decisions, and strategies.

  • No Coding Skills: Superset is designed for people who do not know how to code. Non-programmers like business analysts and financial analysts can use the open-source tool if they have a basic understanding of SQL.

4. Disadvantages of Superset

  • Lack of data exporting format

  • Lack API support, so change tracking and version control become challenging

  • Unable to query/join multiple tables. Performance is only possible to view by view, requiring several queries.

  • Although it has extensive connection support, NoSQL data sources are not supported.

However, you can use Rocket.BI as a better one-stop solution instead. It is also an open-source BI platform to collect, store, analyse, and visualise data, which supports both SQL and non-SQL data sources. You can easily join multiple tables and create relationships between different databases.

5. Pricing

Although Apache Superset is free for all users, there are installation expenses. SQL-savvy engineers are required to help set up and access complicated queries on this platform. Therefore, if your company is a small business or startup with a small technical team, you may want to reconsider this solution.

6. Conclusion

Apache Superset has a user-friendly interface capable of processing and visualizing data quickly. It has multiple capabilities that allow users to analyze their data in different ways and is faster and more effective than comparable tools currently on the market. Overall, Superset meets the needs of data analysts and reports.



Businesses are looking for reliable, powerful software solutions with predictive analytics and data discovery. We have compiled a list of other business intelligence tools to consider as suitable alternatives and competitors to Apache Superset:

Data Insider Rocket.BI: Rocket.BI is a good alternative to Superset as it is also an open-source business intelligence solution of Data Insider specifically designed for analytical databases. However, it offers a better comprehensive self-service capability and performs advanced data analysis, ad hoc, and more. See us introducing Rocket.BI

Redash: Redash is an open-source self-hosted platform for collaborative data querying and visualization. You can quickly integrate with Data Warehouses, write SQL queries to pull subsets of data for visualizations, and share dashboards with greater ease.

Metabase: Metabase is an open-source, web-based business intelligence tool that lets you analyze data from various destinations and sources. It also follows a simple and fast setup process to provide clear business information straight from the database. See more Business Intelligence with Metabase is a self-service business intelligence solution that allows users to customise dashboards and build queries using the drag-and-drop function, making the platform accessible to everyone regardless of their level of technical knowledge.

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