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Rocket.BI - A Native BI Tool For ClickHouse

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Rocket.BI is the core product of Data Insider and is natively integrated with ClickHouse. It is a powerful business intelligent tool for data discovery, exploration, and visualization.

1. What is Rocket.BI?

Rocket.BI is a free, open-source, web-based business intelligence solution specifically designed for analytical databases. It enables data analysts and business users alike to easily integrate different data sources, perform advanced data analysis, ad hoc, and more. With an easy-to-use editor, you can create personalized reports, build interactive business dashboards and generate actionable business insights. Rocket.BI also allows collaboration as working together with other people in the organization. You can see more about Rocket.BI here. In this article, we will cover some aspects of Rocket.BI to help you gain a better understanding of why this is an ideal BI for ClickHouse.

2. How Rocket.BI connects to ClickHouse

Run RocketBI locally:

The best way to try out Rocket BI on your machine is by using our pre-built Docker images.


  • docker-engine 19.0+

  • docker-compose 2.0+

1. Prepare your connection details:



Edit .clickhouse.env with your ClickHouse server's host, port, username, password, and cluster name.

NOTE: If you're installing RocketBI on the same host with your ClickHouse-server, please use as your CLICKHOUSE_HOST instead of localhost for docker to resolve hosts correctly.

2. Install sample ClickHouse:

If you don't have ClickHouse access at the moment, you can still try RocketBI by installing our sample ClickHouseinstance by running the following commands:



cd sample_clickhouse_cluster/

docker-compose up -d


cd -

If the commands run successfully, you will have access to an instance of the ClickHouse cluster locally with the following information:

Connect ClickHouse database to Data Insider Rocket.BI

3. Rocket.BI as a BI tool for ClickHouse

Rocket.BI interface is intuitive and user-friendly to create and customize the dashboards according to your requirements. It creates a welcoming workspace that encourages you to explore data, create attractive visualizations, and get insightful results. However, some hidden functions cause difficulties for newcomers.

Turn ClickHouse data into beautiful charts and dashboards

  • Pivot & visualize ClickHouse data with our advanced visualization tools

  • Build dashboards & reports of ClickHouse that auto-update with the latest data

  • Get fast ClickHouse reports performance with auto-scheduled refreshes

Data Insider Rocket.BI Auto-scheduled Refresh

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface with fully customizable options

Data Insider Rocket.BI Chart Builder Interface

  • No scripting or programming knowledge needed

  • Wide selection of graphs and charts from 36 types of visualization to choose from

Data Insider Rocket.BI Chart Capacity

  • A wide range of connectivity

  • Unlimited drill-down & analysis of your Big Data from the dashboard with instant speed.

Data Insider Rocket.BI Drill Down

Share insights with colleagues and external partners

  • Powerful User Access Control limits a user's access to certain data, defines filters for each Attribute Value, and restricts data access to query and view at the row level.

Data Insider Rocket.BI Row Level Security

  • Share & Collaboration: Share with the rest of your organization by granting access or providing links to them.

Data Insider Rocket.BI Share and Collaboration

4. Build your visualization with Rocket.BI

1. To start doing BI with ClickHouse, select a visualization to start, then select the database retrieved from ClickHouse

Datasets in Data Insider Rocket.BI

2. Drag and drop properties from the dataset to see the visualization view

Drag-n-drop function in Data Insider Rocket.BI

3. You can select the Type session to change the visualization to other available charts

Chart Builder in Data Insider Rocket.BI
Did you know? Data Insider Rocket.BI is providing free trials with unlimited features, integrations, and visualisation capabilities. Visit to sign up for a free trial and experience full accessibility.
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