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Stacked Bar Chart in DataInsider

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

1. What is a Stacked Bar Chart?

Same as a stacked column chart, a Stacked Bar Chart is used to break down and compare each part of an entire group.

Each bar represents a specific group, and segments in the bar display different parts or categories of that group.

In a Stacked Bar Chart, different colors are used to illustrate the different categories in the bar.

2. When to use a Stacked Bar Chart?

A Stacked Bar Chart is ideal for:

  • Data that is segmented and added to a whole

  • Dimension with long labels

  • Comparision across the different bars

  • Compare the individual category of one category across the different bars

  • Compare the size of different categories if they're very different

3. Step by step guidance with DataInsider

Desired Chart: A stacked bar chart that compares pageviews among the Department and displays how much each Sub Department takes up that Department's Pageviews.

Step 1. Drag Department to Y-Axis Step 2. Drag Pageviews to X-Axis

Step 3. Drag Sub Department to Breakdown


Another type of chart that is created from the "adding-up-as-a-whole" data is Pie Chart. In the next chapter, we'll go over this type of chart: Pie Chart & Gauges

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