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Introducing Rocket.BI

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Rocket.BI is a modern self-service BI platform for SMEs. We combined a high-performance analytical data warehouse with super simple no-code features & sophisticated advanced functions for all business users. Register now, connect, store, ETL & analyze billions of data in under 5-minutes.

Notable Features:

What's featured in Rocket.BI?

Data Warehouse Management:

Schema Management:

Quickly review & explore your dataset, and encrypt sensitive & privacy user data.

Row-level Security:

Custom user data view by filtering the dataset.

Calculated Fields & Measurement:

Easy to generate & manage computed columns right on the interface.

Ad hoc Analysis

Using SQL to do complex analysis & visualize the result with just drag-n-drop for a clear perspective.


Connect the datasets to do cross-table analysis & chart visualization.


Our branded no-code data modelling, business users can load, transform & extract data without writing a single line of code.

Data Visualization:

Share & manage collaboration with colleagues easier with access control.

Drag-n-drop chart builder with fully customizable options.

35 types of visualization to choose from, with the option to use a customized chart. For example: Country & province maps

Unlimited drill-down & analysis of your Big Data from the Dashboard with instant speed.

Data Governance:

System Usage Monitoring

Monitor Users' Activities & Data Usage easily.

Sharing & Collaboration:

Securely share reports & analyses with your team using Row-level security combined with Access Control.

We have a lot of cool features in development, so stay tuned & try our platform for free:

Yes! We have an Open Source version. Check it out here:
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