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Visualize ClickHouse Data with Qlik Sense

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

1. What is Qlik Sense?

Qlik Sense is the main offering of Qlik, a software vendor specializing in data visualization, executive dashboards, and self-service BI products. It supports guided analytics apps and dashboards, customized and embedded analytics, and interactive visualization. It gives you the power to explore, discover and tell the story of your data from across your business. We've written an article about Qlik Sense here

2. Connect ClickHouse to Power BI

1. Installing ClickHouse ODBC Driver

Download and install the latest installation package from their GitHub repository

2. Run ODBC and configure the connection with ClickHouse

ODBC uses a per-configured connection to databases called Data sources. You need to set up all the information to locate the ClickHouse server and authenticate. The data source is the name you can refer to in Qlik Sense when connecting to the server.

3. Adding ODBC driver to connect ClickHouse to Qlik Sense

1. Open Qlik Sense, create a new App, and open the app

2. Click on Add data, you should see a pop-up where you can select your data source. From the list, choose ODBC

3. Once you select ODBC, you will be shown a list of ODBC data sources you have configured in your machine. Under User DSN, select the data source you created, fill in your credentials, and click Next.

3. Qlik Sense as a BI Tool for ClickHouse

  • Self-service creation: Drag-and-drop interfaces make it simple to create dashboards and reports without coding, complex queries, or complicated joins.

  • Centralized management: Qlik Sense serves as a hub for users to rapidly and easily create and share apps, data stories, and insights.

  • Interactive visuals: Qlik Sense gives users the option to quickly create representations that adapt to changes in the dimensions and context of the data.

  • Smart search: You can input keywords and phrases into the search bar function to quickly find data sets, graphs/charts, reports, and more.

Some disadvantages to consider:

  • When working in the analysis mode, regular memory space may sometimes be used, slowing the processing and impairing the app's proper operation.

  • The software frequently stalls and becomes unresponsive while in the editing modes of scripts or storytelling. This doesn’t give the user a smooth experience with the software.

  • Qlik Engine issues can also be seen in incorrect loading, reloading, execution, error messaging, maintaining data integrity during transitions, ODBC connections, etc.

  • Trained developer is necessary. Because Qlik uses a proprietary SQL query language to build database queries, skilled developers may be needed.

4. Build a visualization with Qlik Sense

1. Drag the visualization from the assets panel onto the sheet, or double-click the visualization

2. Add dimensions and measures to the visualization

3. You can convert from one visualization type to another by dragging a new chart to a visualization on a sheet


Are you looking for a better data transformation solution for Qlik Sense that your data and analytics team can use?

Rocket.BI is ready to help. Rocket.BI is a better alternative BI for ClickHouse. It is an open-source, web-based business intelligence solution specifically designed for analytical databases. It enables data analysts and business users to integrate different data sources easily and perform advanced data analysis, ad hoc, and more. See more about Rocket.BI here

Since Rocket.BI is ClickHouse native and an open-source project, all you need is a deployed ClickHouse database using Docker and follow some simple steps. You can discover how Rocket.BI connects with ClickHouse in this article.

Rocket.BI turns ClickHouse data into beautiful charts and dashboards

  • Build dashboards & reports of ClickHouse that auto-update with the latest data

  • Get fast ClickHouse reports performance with auto-scheduled refreshes

  • No scripting or programming knowledge needed

  • Wide selection of graphs and charts from 36 types of visualization to choose from

Share insights with colleagues and external partners

  • Share & Collaboration: Share with the rest of your organization by granting access or providing links to them.

  • Powerful User Access Control limits a user's access to certain data, defines filters for each Attribute Value, and restricts data access to query and view at the row level.

Did you know? Data Insider Rocket.BI is providing free trials with unlimited features, integrations, and visualisation capabilities. Visit to sign up for a free trial and experience full accessibility.
Data Insider Rocket.BI 30 Days Free Trial

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