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Line Chart in DataInsider

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

1. What is a Line Chart?

A Line Chart shows data trends over a long period of time.

Line Charts consist of one dimension (categorical variable) as a Date value and one (or more) measure (numeric variable).

2. When to use a Line Chart?

A Line Chart is ideal for the following cases:

  • Display how the data is changing through time. Especially, how much has been changed over a period of time?

  • The number of categorical values in the dimension is over 8

  • Too many data points or columns to plot

3. Step By Step Guidance with DataInsider

Desired Line Chart: A line chart that shows Pageviews Trending

Step 1. Drag Date to X-Axis -> Select Month of Year

Step 2. Drag Pageviews to Y-Axis

Step 3. Drag Date to Sort -> Ascending


The Line Chart is a powerful visualization that displays data trends, highlights successes, and warns about potential dangers in just one look.

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