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Pivot Table in DataInsider

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

1. What is a Pivot Table?

Pivot Table presents data in a tabular format, this type of table allows you to have dimensions displayed on both rows and columns.

Pivot Table is much more powerful than a regular table chart as not only do you have a wider insight of your data but you can also actively sorting data order right on the chart.

2. When to use Pivot Table?

A Pivot Table is a great choice for displaying aggregated data since this type of visualization combining multiple dimensions and measure.

3. Step By Step Guidance with DataInsider

Desired table: A pivot table that displays the number of products sold by customers' civility title and app-having.

Step 1. Drag hasAnyApp to Columns

Step 2. Drag civilityTitle to Rows

Step 3. Drag productsSold to Values

With DataInsider, you can easily create multi-dimensional tables with Pivot Table. A Pivot Table provides a deeper insight of the data in comparison to a regular table.

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