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Number Box in DataInsider

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

1. What is a Number Box?

In Data Visualization, Number Box is used to display a value of a category. A Number box consists of a text body and an optional title.

For example: A Number box can be used to display the Total Profit, the Average Revenue,...

2. When to use a Number Box?

Consider using Number Box when you want to summarize the entire category in one value. That value should be an aggregated value.

3. Step By Step Guidance with DataInsider

Desired Visualization: A Number box representing Total listed products.

Step 1. Drag Sum of Assets to Value

DataInsider automatically sums the variable up. You can always adjust the aggregate calculation to your interest by clicking on "SUM" and select your interested aggregation.

Step 2. Select Settings -> Title & Subtitle -> Insert Title -> Save

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